House Church ~ Simple, Strategic, Scriptural (book)

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Steve Atkerson
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House Church is an easy reading book that covers both the theological and practical aspects of meeting as a church according to the New Testament example. It contains a compendium of contributions from numerous authors representing a wide spectrum of experiences in New Testament church life.

We don't emphasize home meetings as much as we emphasize the functioning of the church according to New Testament principles.  It is good to gather in a house, particularly if it is spacious, but the most important things are body ministry, participatory gatherings, plurality of leadership, the Lord's Supper as a fellowship meal, a family atmosphere, in depth teaching and missional mindset. (There are many who gather in houses but don't follow the New Testament principles).  

Topics covered include: apostolic traditions, participatory meetings, the Lord's Supper as a true meal, Roman house churches, elder-led congregational consensus, the purpose of elders, church growth, integrating church and family, church discipline, and more; 304 pages. ISBN 978-0-9729082-2-1

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