Listen on-line to talks about:

• The Practice of the Early Church (The Lord's Supper as a Holy Meal, Participatory Worship, Elder Led Congregational Consensus, House Churches, Church Discipline, Leadership, Relational Church, Timeless Apostolic Tradtions, Divine Order, Heresy and the House Church, New Covenant Giving, etc.)

• New Covenant Theology (What it is and how it compares with Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology).

• How to Lead a Bible Discussion ("Never tell when you can ask!").

• Matthew's Gospel (A contextual, chapter by chapter exposition).

There are also Power Points to view on many of these talks!

Read on-line articles to help you think through the basics of church life as Jesus intended.

Request books on both the practice of the early church (in English, French or Russian) and God's behind-the-scenes role in drawing people to Jesus.  We also offer PDF files to help you teach expositionally through Mathew's Gospel, Revelation, Hebrews and Ephesians.

NTRF offers several videos on such early church practices as the Lord's Supper as an actual meal, participatory worship and elder led congregational consensus.

• Watch now on-line.

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We also offer a DVD set called Amazing Grace, a look at the amazing work God is gracefuly doing behind-the-scenes to bring people to Christ. 

NTRF has collaborated with the Internet Biblical Seminary to produce an on-line interactive seminary course on the Lord's Supper as an actual fellowship meal.

In addition, we offer a teacher's manual to facilitate a group discussion on organic New Testament church life (why the Lord's Supper was celebrated as a holy meal, the advantages of participatory worship, the proper function of elders, the significance of smaller (house sized) churches, timeless apostolic traditions for church practice, etc.).

• Under this category you can also find out about our  Wineskin Weekend Workshops. 

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